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Everything You Need To Know About The Best Marble Polish Services In Rolling Hills

Special care will have to be taken for Calcite-based stones such as marble, travertine, limestone, etc if you are using them in kitchens or other places. Marble is a metamorphic rock composed mainly of Calcite or Calcium in a compact crystalline form with definite cleavage that reflects light. It is available in a variety of colors from light to dark. It comes in a range from soft to very hard and if it can be polished most marble can have a deep, mirror-like reflection.

Methods Of Polishing Marble Stone:

If you are living in Rolling Hills Estates, or Rancho Palos Verdes in California, professional services for the best marble floor polish in Rolling hills Estates can provide you with a wide range of services to make your marble stone look brand new again. At present, there are four basic methods used to create shine on natural stones like marble. These methods include buffing with polishing powders, and compounds, grinding with diamond abrasives, crystallization, and applying barrier coatings. Reputed stone restoration companies use these methods after evaluating the conditions of the floor.

Polishing Powders And Compounds: Stone restoration experts often use polishing powders that are fine grains of Aluminum or tin oxide abrasive powders. They are buffed or rubbed on the surface of the stone to create shine. The process is the same as sanding with diamonds except the powder is much finer. Sometimes Oxalic acid or Oxalate is used to augment the process.

Grinding With Diamond Abrasives: This process is done by grinding the surface of the stone with various grits of industrial diamonds that come in three to four-inch diameter pads or discs. 3 to 6 discs are placed on the bottom of a floor machine drive plate and held on with velcro. A low-speed machine is used by the stone restoration experts to drive the plate and sand the stone surface with diamond resin pads using water in the process to remove spots, marks, scratches and to prepare the floor for the polishing process.

Coatings: This process is most commonly known as ‘waxing’. The process is used on the surface to create an artificial shine- which is not often recommended. Professionals use a liquid or semi-liquid form of wax or acrylic polymers on the surface to create coatings. The experts use the mop, roller, lambswool applicator, or sprayer to perform this task.

Crystallization: In this process, a special chemical called fluorosilicate is sprayed onto the stone and buffed with steel wool pads. It is done to form new, glassy-like crystals on the surface. Stone restoration professionals use floor machines with heavy drive plates to polish the crystals. Crystallization changes the composition of the minerals in the stone and is not usually recommended yet produces a high gloss and shine.

Procedure For Marble Polishing:

Step-1: Professional stone restoration experts use a deep cleaning stripper degreaser to remove wax or coatings.

Step-2: At this stage, if the marble is scratched, experts perform the Diamond Grinding or wet sanding first.

Step-3: Depending on the requested finish - (semi-gloss or high gloss) The floor technicians use stone polishing compounds to polish the surface and deliver the requested finish. Then a thorough rinsing with PH neutral must be performed.

Step-4: Sealing & buffing - The natural stone technician seals the floor surface and buffs it well to remove any residue and to spread the sealer evenly while allowing the floor surface to absorb the sealer impregnator.

Regular and proper maintenance is usually required once every six months, a year or two depending on the traffic. You may hire the services for the best marble floor polish in the Rolling Hills for regular check-ups and maintenance.

Find The Best Marble Floor Polishing Services In The Rolling Hills Estates or Rancho Palos Verdes:

The restoration or cleaning and polishing is a messy process that requires professional services. If you are looking for experienced professionals for Travertine cleaning, polishing, and floor restoration; connect Titans Natural Stone Restoration as they will provide you with the best Marble cleaning, polishing, restoration, and natural stone maintenance services nearby. Apart from Marble, they can also help you in your cleaning, polishing, and restoration of other natural stones like Marble, Limestone, and Granite in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and many of the surrounding cities.

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