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Cleaning Vs Restoration- Understand What Your Marble or Travertine Floor Needs to Revive Its True Be

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Natural stones are exceptionally beautiful. And, there is nothing to deny. Natural stones like marble, travertine, limestone or quartzite are used in homes and offices to give the space a brighter and more appealing look. Installing natural stones can be a dream come true for many who are looking forward to renovating their space to add grace and elegance. But, maintaining them can be a challenge for many as most people fail to understand what their natural stones need and the best way to treat such precious stones. So, we at Titans Natural Stone Restoration are giving you a comprehensive guide that explains whether you should consider cleaning or restoration before marble or travertine polishing and sealing services in Manhattan Beach, CA.

In many cases, it can be noticed that owners find it confusing whether they should opt for regular cleaning or a restoration job. Even when their marble or travertine floor starts to look dull and dirty, they stick to their cleaning routine. And, that results in severe damage to the natural stone. So, it is necessary to determine the intensity of the existing damages and when you should consider restoration, polishing, and sealing instead of cleaning, polishing, and sealing.

Travertine Clean Seal and Polish

When Should You Consider Marble or Travertine Cleaning Before Polishing and Sealing?

Marble cleaning is a great approach to removing all dirt and foreign components from the surface of natural stones. Professional floor technicians use this method as the initial step when you are making a marble or travertine floor ready for sealing or polishing or removing stains from marble. However, cleaning may not be as effective as you think when your natural stones have so many scratches or etch. These potential problems will not be solved with just cleaning and will eventually make your floor dull and lifeless. You can go for marble or travertine cleaning when your floor is newly installed and have no major damage. Otherwise, you have to look for a more effective method as the cleaning, polishing, and sealing will not offer you the shine and beauty you are expecting.

When Should You Consider Marble or Travertine Restoration Before Polishing and Sealing?

When cleaning is not enough to wipe out all the existing problems of your natural stone, the restoration process can give you the desired result. We use an advanced and impactful method called “Diamond Sanding” that allows our technicians to restore the shine and real beauty of your natural stone and ensure its longevity.

The Diamond sanding process is a no-dust method as it is performed using water. The natural stones are sanded at different levels of sanding to make the surface smooth and eliminate all scratch marks, etch marks, and/or light staining. When the process is done, we will proceed to polish it to bring out the luster of the natural stone. We will carefully clean the surface with neutral PH solvents, and finally seal and buff marble or travertine floors out to lock the beauty of your marble or travertine floor.

Additional Tips to Take Care of Your Marble

  • Wipe out spills then and there. Spills happen often and these are natural. You just have to be careful that when you spill any liquid substance on your marble or travertine floor, you clean it quickly before it leaves any unsightly stains. Taking quick action will make sure that your marble or travertine looks the same and no stains can take away the true beauty of your precious natural stones.

  • Use a soft cloth for wiping and cleaning. If the cloth used for cleaning is not soft, it may cause scratch marks and also make the floor dull over time. So, it is suggested to use only soft clothes that will effectively wipe out any dirt or spills from the surface of your marble or travertine and keep the floor as beautiful as it is.

  • Use carpets and rugs in high-traffic areas of your home. Carpets and rugs can give your marble or travertine an extra layer of protection from different potential problems. Even though you want to fault on your beautiful natural stone and don’t want to cover it completely, you can choose the high-traffic areas of your home, especially in your kitchen, dining areas, and some parts of your living room that your children use for play or different activities and cover them with beautiful carpets to keep the floor away from the risks of stains, scratches or other problems.

FAQs Regarding Marble or Travertine Cleaning and Restoration- What You Need to Know

Q. How Can I Clean and Restore My Marble or Travertine Floor?

Whether you need routine cleaning or complete restoration for your marble or travertine, you can just reach out to professional floor technicians who specialize in natural stone care and restoration. Titans Natural Stone Restoration has a team of experienced and proficient floor technicians who can do the cleaning and restoration of your natural stone brilliantly to deliver the best outcome.

Q. Is Marble or Travertine Restoration Costly?

The service costs of marble restoration can vary with the service providers. Even though there are many companies that charge a hefty amount for marble or travertine restoration services, you can have peace while giving the job to Titans Natural Stone Restoration. We are committed to providing our clients with reliable and top-quality marble and travertine floor cleaning, polishing, sealing, and restoration services without a high price tag.

Q. How Can You Hire the Best Marble Floor Cleaning, Polishing, Sealing, and Restoration Company in Manhattan Beach, CA?

There are a few considerations that may help you identify the right company for marble or travertine restoration near you. Those are extensive experience, a good reputation, affordable services, proper training, excellent communication, etc. So, make sure to go through these points before you hire a marble or travertine floor care company.

Marble Floor Polishing and Sealing Services

Titans Natural Stone Restoration- Premium Natural Stone Restoration Company

Taking the right care of natural stone can be a challenge for homeowners. But, not anymore! At Titans Natural Stone Restoration, we promise all our valuable clients to offer a complete marble or travertine floor restoration service along with repair, maintenance, polishing, sealing and scratch and lippage removals, crack repair, grout cleaning, more to let your natural stone reveal its hidden shine and obtain a glossy finish.

Call us today to schedule a discussion and get expert guidance to determine whether your natural stone needs cleaning or restoration before polishing and sealing.


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