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Transform Your Marble from Dull to Dazzling with Polishing- A Step-by-Step Guide to Marble Polishing

Marble adds true beauty to a home, and this statement holds true. Marble is a popular choice among homeowners for its stunning and glossy appearance, as well as its luxurious feel. The elegance of marble can elevate your home decor to another level and captivate your guests. However, the question is, can you maintain the elegance and beauty of your marble without any effort? The answer is 'No.' Just like any other natural stone, marble should be handled carefully and maintained regularly. If not, it won't take much time for your marble to lose its luster and vitality.

Taking care of marble floors and countertops is not rocket science. But, we can’t overlook the importance of experience and skills when we are talking about such a delicate natural stone. As marble is vulnerable to scratches, you can’t take risks by depending on your home remedies or inexperienced service providers. You need to rely on professional floor technicians and their time-tested techniques that will help you obtain the desired outcome.

In today’s blog, we are going to focus on the steps that professionals of natural stone restoration companies follow during the marble polishing process. Let’s dive into the process to have a better insight!

In today’s blog, we are going to focus on the steps that professionals of natural stone restoration companies follow during the marble polishing process. Let’s dive into the process to have a better insight!

Steps Followed by Professional Floor Technicians for Marble Polishing in Fullerton, CA

Step 1- Sanding/Grinding

A dull-looking marble floor can be full of scratches, stains, and other unsightly problems that can make the appearance of your precious marble worse with time. To start the restoration process and give your marble a polished and clean look, professional floor technicians start with sanding or grinding.

Sanding is an easy step, however, it requires plenty of time. Technicians with proper knowledge of the process and relevant skills can thoroughly polish the hand cut and rough edges to reveal the real shine of the marble.

This process may be a little aggressive as technicians use metal-bonded and diamond grits during the process to get rid of all scratches and lippages that make marble surfaces dull and lustreless. With the help of heavily weighted machines, they flatten the surface and make it smoother and shinier than before. After that, technicians proceed to seal the sanded areas by applying premium marble sealer to protect the area.

Step 2- Honing

Honing is almost the same as grinding but gentler comparatively. In this step, technicians use grits and materials that are less harsh or rough than the materials used in grinding and honing. The honing process is done to eliminate trivial to moderate scratches and etch marks on marble surfaces and give it a more clean look.

Technicians mostly use silicon carbide or diamond particles for honing. They rub these particles over the surface to shed the stone a little and remove scratches and ingrained soil. Powder honing, pad Honing, and hard honing are the three types that are used by marble floor polishing experts. When the process is complete, you will get a honed finish that will make your marble satin smooth and let it create light reflection. This particular finish is preferred for different areas of a home such as floors, stair treads, thresholds, etc where heavy traffic can ruin the polished finish and make the surface dull and dirty faster. Honed finish is also used for the top surface of furniture and countertops.

Step 3- Polishing

When the honing phase is over, it is time for polishing. Marbing polishing involves simulating higher grits by using a series of higher diamond grits to make the surface more lustrous and stunning. Marble floor technicians use premium polishing powders to achieve a semi-shining or shining effect on the marble floor. The diamonds used in the polishing process are smaller graded than that of honing so it is not so rough on the surface.

Some Tips to Help You Select the Right Marble Polishing Company in California:

  1. Do some research on potential marble polishing companies in your area and learn about their services in detail.

  2. Check for the company's credentials, including licenses and insurance and make sure that the technicians are trained and experienced in marble polishing and restoration.

  3. Ask the company for a portfolio of their previous work and check before and after project images to learn the quality of their services.

  4. Make sure that the company offers the specific services you require, whether it's polishing, cleaning, restoration, or repair of marble surfaces to address your marble restoration needs.

  5. Check if they use modern and effective tools and industry-standard methods for marble care and restoration.

  6. Get detailed cost estimates including all necessary services, materials, and labor costs from multiple companies to compare prices.

  7. Czech if the technicians are responsive, professional, and willing to answer your questions and concerns.

  8. Discuss the estimated duration of the project beforehand and ensure it aligns with your schedule and expectations.

Top Company for Marble Floor Restoration in California

Leaving your precious marble to professionals can give you peace of mind. Looking for a company that you can trust with all your marble floor polishing and restoration needs? Your search stops at Titans Natural Stone Restoration, a highly recommended and trusted natural stone care and restoration company in Southern California. With more than two decades of experience and industry expertise, our marble restoration team can ensure the utmost satisfaction.

We have a team of dedicated and skilled natural stone restoration technicians using years of exclusive experience in natural stone diamond sanding, polishing and sealing.

We strive to perform a wonderful job to get your marble floor to factory-like shine.

Not only marble polishing! We offer a wide variety of natural stone care services including cleaning, maintenance, sealing, lippage removal and surface flattening, scratch removals, repair, resurfacing and more.

Need our assistance to bring your natural stone to life? Call (866) 686-1637 to schedule a quick and detailed inspection and leave your marble floor restoration needs without the worries of the high price tags.


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