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A Remarkable Case Study on the Outdoor Saltillo Floor Restoration

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

At Titans Natural Stone Restoration, we recently took on a remarkable outdoor Saltillo floor restoration project. The Saltillo floor is over 40 years old and had several coats of wax over the years. The Client reached out to many vendors and finally chose to assign Titans Natural Stone Restoration the job of bringing the outdoor Saltillo floor back to life. This project posed significant challenges due to decades of exposure to the elements and heavy foot traffic. However, our experienced natural stone care technicians were ready to take up the challenge.

The outcome of this project revealed how well our restoration techniques can revive the natural beauty of aged Saltillo Stone Flooring. In this case study, we will explain the step-by-step process of the outdoor Saltillo floor restoration.

Step-By-Step Process Of Outdoor Saltillo Floor Restoration

Step 1. Assessment of Damage - Our journey began with a thorough assessment of the outdoor Saltillo floor, which had endured over almost 40 years of relentless weather conditions and heavy wear. The damage was extensive and the floor was in dire need of restoration to regain its former glory.

Step 2. Identification of Coating - Before embarking on the restoration process, it was crucial to identify the type of coating that had been applied to the surface over the years. Our technicians know it well that different coatings demand different and specific stripping solutions and techniques to ensure optimal results.

Step 3. Stripping - The skilled technicians embarked on the painstaking task of stripping the heavy coating from the Saltillo floor. We utilized premium acrylic stripping solutions, using a grit brush and specialized floor pads. This phase requires patience as the technicians have to spread the stripping solution, then wait until it reacts with the coating, then they start to remove it. After removing the coating, the floor has to be washed then the process has to be repeated if needed until all the prior coating is completely removed.

Step 4. Sanding, Honing and Grinding - Following the successful removal of the old coatings, our experts proceeded to hone and grind the floor using aggressive grit floor brush and low-speed buffers. This step is very important because it removes prior stains, damage and weak stone layers and as well helps to smooth out the surface. The goal of this process was to bring back the original, pristine appearance of Saltillo stone.

Step 5. Cleaning - After honing and sanding, the floor has to be cleaned and washed thoroughly to be ready for the application of the new coating. This process ensured that it would adhere flawlessly and deliver the desired aesthetic results.

Step 6. Drying - Before proceeding further, it is important that the floor is 100% dry. The floor is usually left for a full day to dry out in addition we use industrial fans to expedite the drying process.

Step 7. Coating Application and Weather Conditions - The application of the coating should not be performed on a sunny day or if the floor is wet - This is the final step in the restoration process. Our technicians applied three coats not only protected the Saltillo floor but also enhanced its natural color and beauty. After they applied the first coat, they had to wait until it fully dried. Then the second coat is usually applied at the end of the first day then a third coat gets applied on the second day.

Step 8. Timing Considerations - Our stone care professionals were mindful of the timing during the coating application phase. They applied the coating on days that were not excessively hot or sunny because extreme weather conditions can adversely affect the process. Our experts also make sure to restrict foot traffic for approximately 2 days after the coating to allow the coating to cure properly for long-lasting results.

Natural Beauty of Saltillo Stone Flooring

The Final Outcome

The Saltillo floor had been impeccably restored to its original-like, beautiful colors, preserving its natural charm. The true measure of our success lies in the satisfaction of our clients. The clients expressed extreme contentment with the restoration work performed by the experts at Titans Natural Stone Restoration.

This amazing restoration journey shows the skill and dedication needed to bring back to life outdoor Saltillo stone that's been through years of weathering and lots of foot traffic. It also emphasizes how crucial it is to use the right stuff and methods to get that perfect result.

If you have a Saltillo floor in need of restoration or any other natural stone care services, don't hesitate to call 866-686-1637.


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