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All You Need To Know About Travertine Stone Floor Maintenance

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Natural stone has a classic timelessness. There are very few materials on earth that can be as durable as natural stones. Moreover, the shiny texture of natural stones is visually pleasing and provides us with an aesthetic value when we build our house with natural stones. If you think deeply, all historical artifacts are made with natural stones like Marble or Granite. From the Roman Colosseum to the Taj Mahal, the construction of these wonders was not possible without using natural stones like Marble. For obvious reasons, natural stones play a key role when we build our modern-day mansions, apartments, or commercial properties. The prestige and reputation it carries for the homeowners are paramount. Therefore maintenance of our stone floors is necessary to keep our house in order and maintain its visual presence.

Key Takeaways:

Stone floors are durable and visually stunning when they are well maintained and are indeed a beautiful design element in our homes and businesses. The modern-day house floors are built with natural stones like Marble, Granite, Limestone, and Travertine. Hiring a professional stone care and restoration company and implementing scheduled floor maintenance and restoration programs are the key to keeping our home floors beautiful, welcoming and elegant. If you are a resident of Los Angeles, or Orange County you must consider hiring professionals for Travertine tile cleaning and polishing company to keep your tile floors well-maintained. To find professional natural stone care companies near you visit

Major Guidelines:

Type Of Stone Identification:

It is essential to implement a good stone floor maintenance program but it is more important to identify the quality of stones that are used to build the floor. Only expert professionals from a stone restoration company can identify the stone pattern of your house floor. Is it made with Marble, Granite, Limestone, or travertine? If the floor is made of travertine tiles then travertine floor polish is an essential feature of maintenance. It is also important to identify the finishing work of the stone floor. A polished finish offers a glossy surface, A honed finish provides a stain-smooth surface with a little reflection, and a flamed finish provides rough surface texture. Based on the finishing work and types of stone, the floor maintenance strategy can be fixed.

Installation Quality Assessment:

When the stone restoration experts identify the stone type of your floor, they immediately shift their attention to assessing the quality of the floor installation. They check the flatness of your floor surface and inspect if there are any uneven tiles at the time of installation (Lippage). The floor should be properly polished, honed, or flamed, and if that is not the case, proper floor maintenance could be challenging. If the experts identify any problems they may recommend the replacement of floor stones. If the floor is made of travertine, the experts may suggest a complete travertine floor restoration in Rolling Hills, in case you are living in that city.

Determining Stone Condition:

In order to determine the condition of the stone, it is essential to remove artificial coatings from the floor such as waxes, acrylics, and urethane chemically. A floor may look perfect with these coatings but the actual condition can only be determined after the removal of these coatings. After the removal, if the stone is found to be in bad condition, the experts from the stone restoration company may suggest you restore the stone before adopting any maintenance strategy. Floor travertine polishing is not possible with the stones in bad conditions.

Applying Impregnator:

If your floor is exposed to water, coffee, and other liquid substances, the experts may use a quality sealer to protect your marble floors. These special sealers can penetrate a stone without putting a coating on its surface. This process keeps the floor in natural condition.

Daily Maintenance Is Essential:

The experts from the stone restoration company can provide you with valuable tips and methods to keep your floor stones well-maintained. One of the important tasks of daily maintenance is dust mopping. Sands, dust, and grits are the most hazardous elements for natural stones, and by eliminating these elements one can avoid major stone restoration and maintenance. Walk-off mats can reduce a large number of grits from the floor and keep the condition of the floor intact by preventing scratches.

Use Neutral Cleaner To Clean The Surface:

All-natural stones should be cleaned daily and you should use a neutral cleaner to clean the floor surface. Cleaning is vital for travertine tile care as well. Clean rayon or cotton string mops should be used to clean the floor with warm or cold water. Stone soap is another important floor cleaner. Using too much floor cleaner can damage the shininess and brightness of your floor.

Hire A Professional Stone Restoration Company:

Hopefully, the guidelines mentioned above provide you with a clear idea of floor maintenance. If you need to restore your stone floor or polish floor tiles, you can depend on Titans Natural Stone Restoration to restore the former glory of your stone floor. We are one of the leading stone restorations companies that can provide you with complete marble cleaning, polishing, and maintenance services in Brentwood, Rolling Hills, Marina Del Rey, and the surrounding areas. We can provide you with complete floor stone maintenance services to keep your floors functional, bright, and shiny.

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