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Why Should You Go for Experts for Maintaining and Restoring Marble Countertops

Marble is a long-lasting material and a very popular option for tabletops, fireplace mantles, flooring, and countertops. With appropriate care and proper maintenance, marble countertops can last for decades.

Many homeowners prefer to choose marble due to its natural beauty, pattern depth, and distinctive characteristics. And, no doubt, these beautiful marble stones can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. However, marble stone is porous and quite soft. They are composed of calcium carbonate and calcite and are susceptible to wear, scratches, and liquid stains. With time, like other natural stones, marble stones too lose their original luster and look dull. When it comes to the finish of the stone; some clients prefer the honed finish with no shine. Although it is less resistant to spills and staining yet, etch marks are usually less visible than the polished finish. Generally speaking; the semi-gloss finish or polished finish are more resistant than the honed finish. When the marble is honed, the pores are open and they become less resistant to spills. When marble is polished, the polishing powder not only brings the shine and beautiful glossiness to the stone surface, it also tightens up the empty space between those pores and even closes them.

Below is a picture of a stain on a white honed marble countertop. The surface was poorly maintained and was dull. The stains are a bit tricky since diamond or dry sandy is required to remove them. But - it depends on how deep the stain penetrated in the stone. The after picture shows the same surface after performing diamond / wet sanding and honing.

Maintaining the marble countertops can be difficult and requires consistent and periodic cleaning. The best way to keep marble floors and countertops clean and pristine is to clean and polish them often and use PH neutral solutions in the routine cleaning.

Don’t Go with the DIY Process When it Comes to Maintaining Marble Countertop - Know WHY

However, despite regular cleaning or caring, marble stones can start to look dull. There could be scratches, etches, and stubborn marks that won’t go away even if you try many DIY processes that you may find on the internet. Cleaning and caring for marble countertops is a big deal. There are so many things you need to keep in mind to properly maintain them. Any wrong cleaning material or random DIY process can bring damage to your luxurious marble countertops. That’s why, experts say, you should hand over the responsibilities to natural stone care professionals who have been in this business for many years. Because, only floor technicians have the necessary equipment, technology, expertise, and knowledge to bring back the natural luster of the marble stones.

How Can Professionals Bring Back the Natural Luster Of Marble Countertops?

Professionals can help you restore the natural luster of marble countertops. Before natural stone care professionals engage in restoring the original luster of the countertops, they will evaluate the size of the countertop, type of stone, visible cracks and chips, missing or cracked grout, and other things. They will provide the homeowners with an estimate. Upon agreement, the experts will begin their restoration process.

Skilled natural stone care professionals know that only a customized approach can effectively tackle the restoration project. Experienced natural stone care technicians begin their restoration process by meticulously sanding the countertop surfaces. They remove the layers marred by stains and damage carefully, revealing the beautiful marble hiding underneath. Addressing the persistent stains is a very challenging part of the restoration process. Sometimes, stubborn stains just wouldn't budge, no matter what you have tried before. But the experienced stone care professionals have all the equipment and necessary techniques to erase the discolorations that plagued the countertops for an extended period and bring back the original luster of the countertops.

Benefits of Trusting Only Professionals for the Maintenance and Restoration of Marble Countertops

Natural stone care professionals are trained and have a wealth of knowledge about the procedure of natural stone cleaning, polishing, and restoration. They follow each step systematically.

As discussed above, implementing a DIY process without understanding the characteristics of the marble stone, may end up bringing more damage to it. Natural stone care experts have extensive knowledge and understanding of the nature of marble stones. They will do their best to bring the best outcome. They will follow step-by-step guidance to bring back the original sheen of the marble countertops.

The experts may advise against replacement even when you believe replacing the marble countertop is only an option. If restoration is still possible, the experts may provide you with a test spot to show you how well the marble countertop will look after restoration. They can explain the whole process and how it can benefit you. That’s why it is always recommended to hire experts to get guided properly to avoid costly replacement.

And last but not least, hiring professionals for marble countertops restoration will save you time and effort. You can do other stuff and simply hand over this toughest job to the experts and witness how these experts can help you maintain the original look of your marble countertops.

Bottom Line

Titans Natural Stone Restoration is a leading natural stone care company, offering excellent natural stone cleaning, polishing, and restoration services to commercial and residential customers in Southern California. We have highly-trained natural stone care professionals and we offer competitive quotes to our clients.

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