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Silly Mistakes You Must Avoid While Cleaning Your Travertine Floors & Countertops

Polished and clean shiny Travertine adds a touch of elegance and luxury to any room with its sleek and shiny surface. This beautiful and durable natural stone has been widely used in home décor for its variety of colors and patterns that can add brilliance and personality to any space to make any surface lustrous and eye-pleasing. With no doubt, travertine is a great option for your home or commercial establishments’ flooring, walls and countertops. But, do you know that travertine has a porous nature and can absorb dirt and oils easily? So, you have to pay close attention to your travertine to keep your natural stone looking its best.

Today's blog is about the mistakes that we frequently make while cleaning travertine floors and how we can fix them. So, without any detours, let's start!

travertine floor cleaning

Using Abrasives for Regular Cleaning

Abrasives are commonly used for cleaning floors and countertops to remove stubborn stains, dirt and mold. Many professionals use them for getting a polished look and bring back the shine of travertine and other natural stones. But, do you know that abrasives can cause massive damage to your travertine and make it rough and full of scratches if you don’t use it in the right way? So, it is recommended not to use abrasives for regular cleaning if you are not professional or don’t know the best way to use them.

Using Acidic Home Remedies

Many homeowners prefer to use home remedies like vinegar, lemon and other acidic products instead of the cleaning products available in the market. These solutions will often damage your travertine surface and lead to etching and erosion. So you should avoid these products and hire natural stone care professionals if your travertine stone surface has etch marks or light stains for travertine stain removal.

Using Generic Home Cleaning Products

Agree or not, we all get confused when we go to the supermarket to buy cleaning products for our floors and countertops and find a long line of products. It might take the whole day to choose the best one for a specific floor type and even then the decision can be wrong. Most products available in the stores are generic and the chemicals may not be proper for all types of natural stones. So, some components of these products can have a harsh effect on your travertine. Be more careful while choosing the cleaning products for your travertine to avoid potential damage.

Placing Hot Vessels Directly on Travertine Stone

Placing hot vessels on your travertine surface is something you should always avoid if you want your travertine to be well-maintained. Placing hot coffee mugs or vessels directly on the travertine floor can weaken the bonds of the stone and make it vulnerable to chips, cracks or etching. You should coaster or anything else to keep a distance between the floor and the vessel so that the heat can not damage your floors or countertops.

Bottom Line

Now you know how you can avoid potential damage to your travertine. But, what about the Do’s that can help you learn how to clean your travertine surfaces? Don’t worry! You can easily maintain your travertine floor and countertops with professional natural stone care services offered by Titans Natural Stone Restoration. We are professional, experienced and trained floor technicians who can ensure that travertine surfaces are cleaned, restored, polished, and sealed.

We take every project with sincerity and complete it dedicatedly. We thoroughly clean grout lines, especially in heavy traffic areas such as the kitchen and entrances and remove the grease and embedded dirt to bring out the hidden shine. Our team also can remove the lippage from travertine tiles and make sure the edges are flat while filling cracks and holes. We promise full satisfaction and an impressive result to every client. And, the best part is all our services are competitive.

If you think that hiring a professional natural stone restoration company will be best for your delicate floor and countertops, don’t wait and give us a call today!


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