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How Professionals Can Help You Restore Travertine Floors

For centuries, travertine tile has been a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor flooring due to its wide range of color options and variations. This natural stone has a timeless appeal and beauty which make this stone a desired choice for the lobby, hallway, bathrooms floors and shower walls, and many other commercial and residential floorings. Over time and with poor maintenance, travertine tiles become dull-looking, scratched, and dirty. Travertine floor tiles that have lost their appeal or appear stained need restoration.

Travertine stone restoration professionals can help to remove all kinds of dirt and stains that have accumulated over the years and bring back the shine and luster. Travertine is an ultra-strong material that loses its shine over time and if it happens, stone restoration professionals can restore your dull travertine floors and remove all stains, water rings from the surface. But how do they do it?

Types Of Travertine Damage:

If not properly cared for some common damages that travertine is prone to are mentioned below:

  • Etching: It happens due to the spillage of acidic substances such as lemon juice or wine.

  • Staining: Stains occur due to grease concentration caused by thick water, food items, burnt-on spots after scrubbing, etc.

  • Discoloration/Dull Appearance: It happens when you clean your travertine floor too aggressively causing microscopic scratches.

  • Chips & Scratches: Chips and scratches can be caused by reckless handling of your travertine tiles.

  • Cracks: Cracks can appear due to improper or inaccurate installations.

Travertine Stone Restoration Process:

The travertine stone restoration professionals use a six or seven step process that can be explained in basically 4 major points, grinding and honing or multiple levels of Diamond sanding - 2 to 3 steps, polishing, rinsing, sealing and buffing and grout filling or grout repair to restore a travertine floor. The goal of restoring travertine stone is to reproduce the look and feel of the stone. Let's take a look at the travertine restoration steps.

Grinding / Diamond Sanding and Honing: The travertine stone restoration experts first prepared the floor by cleaning up the dust and dirt from the surface. They use different grits to diamond sand the surface depending on the condition and damage of the floor surface. The objective of the grinding is to remove surface imperfections, scratches, stains, and etches and prepare the surface for the polishing process.

Polishing: In this step, professionals use the special stone polishing compounds and apply it using natural pads. Polishing can provide your travertine stones with the original luster and shine. This step can also enhance the stone colors and the veins features within travertine accents.

Rinsing, sealing & Buffing: After the polishing, the natural stone technicians use PH neutral solvents to remove the polishing powder residue and to neutralize it, clean the grout lines, then they seal and buff the floor surface. The buffing allows the sealer to penetrate inside the pores of the stones and removes the excess sealer.

Grout Filling: After the restoration process; the floor technicians inspect the grout lines and commence filling any missing grout. Many homeowners look into re-grouting where basically the floor technicians remove the old stained grouting, and replace them with new grout.

After the grout lines are fully dry, the technicians use dry wrags and remove the haze around the grout lines.

The results are always very impressive. The natural stone factory shine is restored and new clean grout lines make the floor look like new again!

Get Professional Help From The Best Stone Restoration Company:

If you are living in California and need to restore your travertine floor, Titans Natural Stone Restoration provides a wide range of quality natural care services including travertine floor cleaning, polishing, and sealing services. Travertine stain removal, natural stone cleaning, polishing, sealing, scratch and etch marks removal, lippage removal, crack filling and flattening of uneven surfaces at an affordable price.

Recently, stone restoration professionals from Titans Natural Stone Restoration have carried out a residence project in Hermosa beach. The travertine bathroom floors had multiple stains and were dull as it lost its shine over the years. We have restored the floors and the travertine countertop to their original shine.

Titans Natural Stone restoration specializes in marble, travertine, limestone, soapstone, and Caesarstone restoration and polishing. With over 23 years of experience in natural stone surface restoration; Titans Natural Stone Restoration provides quality stone care services at competitive prices in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and most of the neighboring cities.

Call Titans natural Stone restoration at 866-686-1637 to discuss your natural stone care needs Or visit us at

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