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Why Is Expert Marble Floor Maintenance a Utilitarian Choice to Restore Its Life for Years to Come?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Natural stones can be utilized indoors or outdoors equally and it can’t be denied that it is the most gorgeous, exquisite and that is simply eye pleasing. Natural stone is used for multiple purposes like floors, walls, patios. For each case, it will be a fantastic investment that raises the elegance of the house automatically. People who have a penchant for beauty do not think twice before installing a marble floor in their residence. With periodic care and maintenance, it lasts over many other types of flooring and walls. To meet all your marble floor care necessities, Titans Natural Stone Restoration provides the best of all.

We offer exclusive marble cleaning and polishing maintenance and care in Los Angeles county, Orange County and other neighboring cities. We provide natural stone restoration and care for multiple stone types like marble, terrazzo, limestone, granite, travertine, soap stone and many others.

What Steps We Follow-

For a complete marble travertine cleaning polishing sealing in South Bay, we follow some certain steps like-

Floor Cleaning

First, the floor has to be thoroughly cleaned from all debris and dust prior to the restoration process. If the floor has any type of quoting, then we start stripping the floor prior to the wet sanding. A low-speed rotary scrubbing machine is used in the process with the appropriate pads and solution.

Stain Removing

Depending on the type of stain and on how deep it penetrated in the stone, there are multiple options to choose from. The results may vary accordingly.

Sealing of Stones

After the restoration process, and when the floor is completely dry; we seal the marble stone floor or travertine floor with the appropriate sealer. The most commonly used ones are water based sealer, sealer impregnator and color enhancer and impregnator sealers.

Stone Restoration and Polishing

Our travertine marble stone care experts will restore the original shine of your natural stone floors and walls. To remove scratches, light stains, water marks, and spotting; the floor technicians will perform what we call “wet sanding” using different levels of sanding grades or grits. Keep in mind that shine is a product of smoothness. The wet sanding process not only removes the scratches and etches but as well smoothes out the floor prior to the polishing process. The natural stone floors such as marble and travertine respond very well to the restoration process. Depending on the homeowner or business owner; we may use eco-friendly products that lock the original beauty of the natural stone. With our excellence, we guarantee your satisfaction and peace of mind.

We Bring Your Marble Stone to Life

Now you don’t need to rule out your existing stone floor in poor condition anymore. Call Titans Natural Stone Restoration at (866) 686-1637 to discuss your natural stone care needs.

Here Is one of Our Client’s Review-

We recently have worked on Crema Marfil Marble Restoration. Our client had a small area of approximately 1200 ft.² Crema a Marfil Marble that hasn’t been maintained for over 7 years. As a result, the floors were etched, stained, had a few scratch marks, and were dull.

She contacted several companies but the expensive bids were quite shocking for her. At last, she consulted us for an affordable Crema Marfil Marble Restoration. She was surprised and happy to know about the competitive estimate that we provided her. We were able to offer a truly affordable estimate that takes into consideration the size of the job, the client's true stone care needs, and budget.

The entire job went very well and she was extremely happy with our stone care solutions. She already placed her review showing her gratitude and appreciation for the work we did at a budget-friendly cost. Titans natural stone restoration is equipped with lead technicians who have 20 years plus of experience in this field. We are working and consistently delivering the expected results to our clients.


Our stone care experts offer effortless solutions for a complete marble travertine cleaning polishing sealing in South Bay. To restore the natural shine of your marble stone or travertine or limestone call 866-686-1637 or go on our website at and fill the contact form. If you’re looking for natural stone maintenance services, and natural stone care services; call Titans Natural Stone Restoration today to schedule your natural stone care services .

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