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A Simple Guide to Travertine Tile Maintenance- Learn the Dos & Don’ts for Natural Stone Care

Natural stone such as marble, travertine, granite, and other natural stone are used in millions of homes and businesses. Among different natural stones, the polished travertine is one of the most popular ones for its gleam and luster that take the beauty of your home decor to another level. Travertine tiles are used for flooring as well as countertops to give every corner of your home the majestic look. But, while you are pleased with the elegance of your travertine, you need to think about its care to ensure the beauty of your natural stone prevails over time.

Just like other natural stones, travertine starts to lose its beauty over time. Yet the shine of travertine tiles can be restored with proper care and routine cleaning. However, to bring out the lost luster of your travertine tiles, you need to consider some points. In this blog, we are going to provide tips and information on how to maintain the shine of your travertine floors and walls.

The Dos and Don’t for Natural Stone Care- Tips for Your Travertine Tiles


Using DIY Methods without Proper Knowledge

Natural stones are delicate and porous. There are DIY methods that might work for the maintenance and restoration of natural stone maintenance. Using acidic solutions will etch the natural stone surface and will be costly to fix the damage. So, it is better to say ‘No’ to DIY methods when it comes to travertine tiles restoration in Los Angeles.

Trying out Harsh Chemicals

There are different products available in the market for natural stone maintenance. They are supposed to clean the natural stones and keep them away from scratches. However, most of these products have harsh chemicals which can damage your travertine and other natural stones instead of maintaining them. So, it is smart to avoid such products.

Underestimating Regular Care

The shine of a natural stone can be restored fully if you don’t pay attention to its regular care. If you don’t take care of your travertine tiles timely, they can be severely damaged and become unrestorable. So, it is recommended to regularly mop your floor using dry mopping with soft microfiber mops that you may find in many of the stores such as the giant 22 inches HDX microfiber wet-dry flip mop in Home Depot. Dust that sticks to the bottom of your shoes harms your travertine and natural stone floors. The friction and traffic removes the shine of your floor and causes the minor scratches over time.


Use large floor mates outside your house by every entrance or access to your home (such as patios, garage,...) to reduce the amount of dust and dirt getting inside of your house and on your travertine floor.

Going for Professional Service Providers

If you are thinking about taking care of your travertine tiles effectively, it is best to consider a professional natural floor care service. There are many natural stone care companies in Los Angeles, which offer a set of services for natural stone maintenance and restoration that includes cleaning, polishing, scratch removals, sealing, repair, and more.

Using Professionally Recommended Products

Not every product is suitable for all natural stones. If a product works for marble, it may not be perfect for travertine. So, before you choose a product, it is always wise to take suggestions from experts. Professionals from natural floor care companies bring the best-quality products and top-cleaning cleaning equipment to give your travertine tiles the ultimate shine and bring out their hidden luster.

Scheduling for Routine Cleaning and Maintenance

Occasional repair and restoration are necessary to keep your natural stone in good shape. But, if you want to maintain the real beauty of your travertine, you must ask professional floor technicians for a routine maintenance plan. It will help you to keep your natural stones in check and maintain their elegance.

How Can You Take the Best Care of Your Travertine Tiles:

If you want to restore your travertine tiles and restore their natural luster, hire professional floor technicians from Titans Natural Stone Restoration. Our floor technicians specialize in natural stone care. We take every job seriously and complete them dedicatedly. Our services can maintain your natural stone floors and countertops and ensure a satisfactory result. We promise to take care of all your natural stone cleaning, polishing, sealing, restoration, and repair needs with expertise.

Our floor technicians have more than 15 years of experience in marble, travertine, and limestone restoration and have completed hundreds of projects successfully. We offer reasonable pricing for every project and offer all services without a high price tag.

Book a schedule for your travertine tiles maintenance by calling (866)686-1637. Click here to learn more about our services.


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