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Travertine Tile Cleaning, Floor Polishing, & Maintenance: Everything You Need To Know

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Travertine is a gorgeous natural stone that can add a lifetime of beauty to your home. Travertine is a natural stone that can be used in any part of your home. Travertine stones are perfect for floors, wall treatments, fireplaces, and patios. Travertine is also durable but only if it is properly and periodically cared for. Travertine offers an array of earthen shades, beauty, durability, and elegance. It is essential for you to understand the basics, types, cleaning procedures, and maintenance of a Travertine tile.

From ancient times, Travertine was considered to be an important material for building historical monuments and architecture that represent ancient civilizations. Even today, Travertine is used to build modern structures as well. Ancient monuments and sculptures like the Roman Colosseum and Michelangelo’s are wonderful displays of this amazing stone. If you are living in Brentwood, then you might also want to know the professional Travertine cleaning services in Brentwood. Read the blog if you want to know more about Travertine.


Travertine is a luxurious sedimentary stone that is made out of calcium carbonate and is often found in the hot springs or limestone caves. The stone comes in a wide range of myriad of colors like White, Beige, Chestnut, Red shades, and Pink shades. The Travertine has some unique properties and functionalities that make this stone an ideal choice for home and commercial uses. Travertine is durable and has good thermal and soundproof properties. The stone is good for both indoors and outdoors including livings, bathrooms, kitchens, pave ways, pools, and more. Like any other natural stone, Travertine is considered a luxurious material and is easily maintainable.

Travertine Tiles-Types:

There are 4 main ready-to-install Travertine finishes:

  • Tumbled: This kind of Travertine finish does not have a reflective surface and has the most rugged finishes among all. In this type of finish, the Travertine tiles are put in a rubber drum with water, sand, and rocks and tumbled around to soften the surface of the tile.

  • Brushed: This type of Travertine finish also has a very rugged and rough appearance as a result of wire brushes. Just like the Tumbled finish, the brushed finish also does not have a reflective surface.

  • Honed: It is one of the most common types of Travertine finish. Honed travertine has a polished surface but is not completely glossed. This type of finish has a rustic yet elegant appearance.

  • Polished: Polished Travertine finish has a glossed surface and it is smooth, shiny, and reflective in nature. Though the surface is slippery, the polished Travertine tile is stain-resistant and comes in bright colors.

Tips For Travertine Cleaning:

If you are living in Rolling Hills, California, before seeking professional help for Travertine floor polish in Rolling Hills you need to have some basic ideas to clean Travertine floors. Here are some useful tips:

  • Sweep Your Travertine floor with a soft broom or a dry dust mop. It will help you to get rid of dust and grit.

  • You must use a high-quality neutral cleaner for cleaning your Travertine floor.

  • Microfiber mop, warm water, and neutral cleaner are enough to clean your Travertine floor. Dry microfiber can help you to remove moisture from the surface.

  • Protect your floor with carpet and rubber protectors.

  • Wipe up the Travertine floor immediately if a spill occurs.

  • You should deep clean your floor with an automatic scrubber twice a year.

  • If you can seal the stone, your Travertine floor surface will last long.

Travertine Floor Restoration:

Sometimes deep cleaning and polishing are enough for Travertine floor restoration. The floor restoration is carried out by skilled professionals and technicians who have long experience in this field. The restoration process is usually a 6 steps- process that starts by cleaning the surface, removing scratches, stains, and marks from the floor using different diamond resin pads and grits before the polishing process.

Professionals may use different polishing techniques in the restoration of the Travertine. Polishing may be done by industrial diamond pads, impregnated pads or polishing powder depending on the condition of the floor or surface and the client finishing preference. After the polishing, the floor technicians will rinse the floor, scrub the grout then seal and buff the floor.


The restoration or cleaning and polishing is a messy process that requires professional services. If you are looking for experienced professionals for Travertine cleaning, polishing, and floor restoration; connect Titans Natural Stone Restoration as they will provide you with the best Travertine cleaning, polishing, restoration, and natural stone maintenance services nearby. Apart from Travertine, they can also help you in your cleaning, polishing, and restoration of other natural stones like Marble, Limestone, and Granite in Los Angeles County, Orange County and many of the surrounding cities such as Brentwood, Rolling Hills, Beverly Hills, Studio City, Burbank, Torrance, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Laguna Hills, Laguna Beach, Seal Beach, Orange, Corona, Diamond Bar, Eastvalle, and many other cities. The company has skilled technicians and employees who have more than 15 years of experience in the natural stone cleaning, polishing & restoration sector.

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