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Revitalize Your Travertine Tiles With the tried and Tested Polishing Method in Newport Beach, CA

As homeowners, we don’t stop complimenting our glossy travertine tiles and bragging about their beauty to others after the installation. But, let’s admit it, all these things stop when the travertine tiles start to become dull or spills cause etch marks or stains. No one feels proud of their dirty-looking floor and it becomes annoying to even look at the unpleasant etched areas, scratches and stains if you are a neatnik.

No matter how carefully you maintain your travertine tiles and how frequently you clean them, sooner or later, they will lose their shine. Home cleaning products and unprofessional techniques often damage the natural beauty and shine of travertine. So, what can be done to keep travertine tiles beautiful and to maintain their elegance and glossiness? This blog is about the best way you can preserve the luster of travertine tiles. So, let's not waste any more time and just start!

Diamond sanding and Polishing are the Secret of the Lifelong Shine of Travertine

First of all, you have to understand that cleaning is just a step to eliminate the layer of dust or other elements that have been accumulating and covering the surface, But, it is not good enough to maintain or restore the shine of travertine. But, it is not all about aesthetics when you are considering travertine polishing services. Travertine is more porous than granite and marble and regular polishing will make it last a lifetime and keep it away from staining and other damage.

Polishing are the Secret of the Lifelong Shine of Travertine

Achieve the Full Potential of Your Travertine with Polishing- Explore the Process

Polishing is an important technique that makes a natural stone stronger, shiner and brighter than before every time. It is basically done after the honing or diamond sanding process and before the sealing. Needless to say, it can be a little tricky as improper techniques can ruin your precious travertine to a great extent. The process requires premium polishing power or compound suitable for travertine tiles and delicate to it and an advanced polishing machine.

The polishing powder or compound will be spread onto the travertine tiles and will be rubbed on the floor with the help of the polishing machine to activate the compound and let it react with the travertine and expose the hidden beauty and natural shine of the travertine tiles. During a professional travertine polishing service in Newport Beach, California, you will find professional floor technicians to repeat this method, again and again, to restore the beautiful appearance of the natural stone and turn it from dull to dazzling.

Well, it might take time to polish travertine tiles thoroughly, but the right way of polishing will surely extend your expectation and give you an unbelievable result in the end. So, all you need to do is to keep your patience when the process is ongoing.

After the thorough buffing, your travertine will be more reflective and dense and the tiles will look just stunning enough to elevate your room decor.

Uncover the Hidden Beauty of Your Travertine with Top Natural stone Floor restoration Technicians

When you are looking for natural stone floor technicians or a travertine floor restoration and polishing company in Newport Beach, you need to select the service providers carefully to avoid any shabby job and get the most satisfactory results. However, you don’t need to look further than Titans Natural Stone Restoration, a highly recommended travertine floor polishing company in California with more than two decades of experience in natural stone care and restoration.

They are experts in marble and travertine floor cleaning, polishing, sealing, maintenance and restoration. Also, have extensive expertise in removing scratch marks, lippage, stains, etches, and surface-flattening.

Leave all your travertine floor or tile polishing needs to their dedicated natural stone floor restoration technicians without worrying about the high price tag and make your travertine shine like new. Call Titans Natural Restoration to schedule an estimate and to inspect the condition of your travertine tiles.


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