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Does Polishing Powder with Abrasives Really Work? Let’s Find Out How It Can Retrieve the Shine of Yo

Marble has always been the first choice for many homeowners for its brighter and glossier majestic look. So, when it comes to maintaining the shine of the marble floor, homeowners have to hire natural stone experts. Professional marble polishing services not only give a marble floor a new and fresh look but will guide you on how to maintain it over the years.

There are many ways to polish a marble floor and professionals always use the most trusted and tested techniques to ensure the safety of your precious marble and deliver the desired results. There are two main used methods. One where the technicians use a Green process in the restoration and polishing with diamond impregnated pads and basically water and the second - the Commercial process where the technicians use diamond resin pads and polishing powder with abrasives. In this blog, we are going to explain these two methods and explain their advantages and disadvantages. So, continue reading to find the most suitable option for your marble.

polishing powder with the abrasives

An Overview of Widely Used Sanding Systems in the Natural Stone Restoration Process

Green method:

The "Green method" involves using diamond-impregnated pads and water instead of chemicals. And, this makes it a more eco-friendly process. The floor technicians carry out this method to accomplish a reduced waste output and reduce the environmental impact during the marble polishing process.

Advantage: No chemicals are used, so it is a safe process and 100% natural.

Disadvantage: It can be quite costly due to the high cost of diamond-impregnated pads and the outcome shine wise, may not be up to your expectation as the shine can be slightly less than what you can achieve by using polishing powder with abrasives and / or a crystallizer.

Commercial Method:

The Commercial Method of polishing natural stone surfaces involves using different levels of diamond resin pads (grits 200, then 400, then 800…) and a high-quality polishing powder containing abrasives. This method is applied after the surface has been properly sanded and ready for polishing. The polishing powder with the abrasives reacts with the minerals of the stone and enables the marble to retrieve its natural shine. It gives marble floors and countertops a polished finish with high reflection.

marble cleaning and  polishing

Advantage: It requires different diamond resin pads depending on the condition of the floor and regular white polishing pads for the polishing, sealing and buffing. This technique can deliver the desired shine level that is superior in shine compared to the use of the diamond-impregnated pads.

Disadvantage: The process can make your place a little messy because of the slurry and residue of the polishing powder. The technicians will clean the place after the job. However, you may find slight white residue or crystal-like pieces around the corner areas of the floor, which can be easily removed with a damp or slightly wet rag.

Restore the Luster of Your Marble with Titans Natural Stone Restoration:

If your marble is dull and has many etch marks; the homeowner or property manager must hire natural stone restoration professionals who have the expertise to bring back the beauty of the marble or travertine or limestone by using the common natural stone restoration techniques. Titans Natural Stone Restoration brings over 20 years of natural stone restoration and care experience. Titans Natural Stone Restoration is a marble Restoration and polishing company You can rely on us for marble cleaning, polishing, maintenance, sealing, and more. We are the one-stop solution for your natural stone restoration. Visit us at or call (866) 686-1637 to learn how we can help you restore and maintain your natural stone floors, walls, and countertops. Schedule a phone or an in-home estimate and call us today at (866) 686-1637 with any questions that you may have in regards to your natural stone restoration process..

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