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A Case Study On Travertine Floor Polishing and Restoration in Garden Grove, California

Travertine, a versatile stone, comes in a variety of colors and finishes. The stone can add elegance to your floors. Travertine is a porous stone and is very sensitive to acidic products. The soft nature of travertine stone makes it vulnerable to getting scratches, dents, etc. To restore the natural shine and luster of travertine floors, one must hire professionals who are trained in the art of cleaning and polishing natural stones.

Titans Natural stone Restoration is one of the leading natural stone care service providers in Orange County, CA. We have highly trained natural stone care professionals who specialize in polishing and restoring travertine floors and other types of natural stone floors, walls, and countertops.

Let’s Take a Look at Our Recent Project on Travertine Floor Polishing and Restoration in Garden Grove, California

We met a client who wanted to restore the original shine and luster of travertine floors in Garden Grove, California. The travertine floors were poorly maintained and in bad condition.

Travertine Floor Restoration and Polishing in Garden grove

At first, we gave an estimate to the client over the phone. Then we scheduled an in-home visit to take proper measurements, evaluate the condition of the stone and explain in detail the restoration process. Our experts thoroughly examined the travertine floors and answered all the Clients’ questions.

The floors had several holes. The grout lines were stained and had a few missing. The restoration and polishing services were scheduled with the Client and performed accordingly.

All etch marks were removed, the travertine floor was restored to its original like beauty and shine and the grout lines were filled and cleaned. After the restoration process, the travertine floors had a beautiful clear reflection. The client's family was extremely happy after checking the final result.

Call Titans Natural stone Restoration at (866) 686-1637 to get a free no-pressure estimate and to receive impeccable natural stone care services at competitive prices. Visit to explore more about our services!

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