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A Case Study on the Gray Marble Wall and Floor Restoration in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Updated: May 31, 2023

Marble is always an excellent choice for residential and commercial premises, whether it be for walls or floors, including indoors and outdoors, due to its durability, shatter-resistant, and hardwearing features. The entire space looks stunning with the luster of marble floors and walls.

But to retain the original shine and durability of marble stones for longer, proper maintenance and extra care are necessary since marble floors and walls lose their luster over time because of poor maintenance and heavy foot traffic. The best way to restore its shine is restoration.

Titans Natural Stone Restoration is a renowned and experienced service provider for natural stone care in Southern California at affordable charges. We have two decades of expertise in natural stone restoration, polishing, and maintenance for floors, walls, and countertops. Schedule a FREE consultation to restore the natural luster and beauty of travertine and marble floors.

Gray Marble Wall and Floor Restoration

Let’s take a Look at Our Recent Project on Gray Marble Wall and Floor Restoration in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Recently, we met a client at her house, which she bought ten years ago in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. But surprisingly, she never got the floor maintained, polished, or restored. After contacting us, our professionals reached her home and conducted a thorough inspection. No wonder we discovered stone cracks in several areas, many etch marks, and dirty grouts in different places. In fact, the dirt was so deep that the grout lines were missing in many areas. Well, dirt particles accumulate in the cracks and sink into grout lines over time. Also, poor maintenance and extreme foot traffic cause losing beauty and shine.

After meeting us, she stated that she loved our before and after pictures of previous projects. But she is unsure if it’s possible to restore her marble floors and walls to their original state, like polished, clean, and shiny. Our experts ensured they can restore the factory luster, while filling the missing grout lines and crack lines.

After she scheduled our natural stone care services, our experts started the restoration project for her marble floors to get back to their original state through a step-by-step process- polishing, cleaning, sealing, and buffing. On the other hand, her gray marble was restored. We began the entire process by stripping and sanding the marble stones to remove the etch marks and prepare the floor and wall for the polishing step.

Our technicians used advanced tools and techniques to polish the marble floor and clean grout lines as assured. Finally, we sealed and buffed the stones and gave our client shiny, polished, and clean marble floors and walls.

Marble Wall and Floor Restoration in Rancho Palos Verdes

Once we completed the restoration project, she was extremely satisfied and happy with our work. She just couldn’t believe that her ten-year-old dull and dirty marble floors and walls could even look amazingly glossy and stunning. In fact, she appreciated our effort and skill, and as a result, she recommended us to her sister for natural stone care, polishing, and restoration work.

So, no matter how old your marble and travertine floors or walls are, we guarantee to restore their original luster and beauty back. And the best part is that with us, maintaining and restoring your natural stone floors won’t come with a high price tag! We have experienced and skilled technicians to get back the factory shine to your marble or travertine stone surfaces with their twenty years of expertise.

Then, no more wait! You can count on us, Titans Natural Stone Restoration, and reach out to us just with a call. Also, you can dial (866) 696-1637 to get a FREE and no-obligation assessment if you find your natural stone floors dull and worn out. We charge affordably for natural floor restoration and maintenance.

Schedule a FREE consultation today!


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