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A Case Study on Slate Floor Restoration: An Effective Alternative to Replacement

At Titans Natural Stone Restoration, we recently took on a challenging slate floor restoration project with a highly-trafficked area at a retail store that suffered water damage. The client was considering replacing the entire slate floor and installing new flooring due to the extent of the damage and wear. They had already sought bids from other contractors, but none seemed to offer a feasible solution at an affordable cost.

Case Study on Slate Floor Restoration: An Effective Alternative to Replacement

After conducting our thorough assessment, we decided to demonstrate the potential of slate floor restoration to the client by performing a test spot. The difference between a poorly maintained, dull slate floor and a clean, polished, and coated slate floor was remarkable. Our restoration process could save them thousands of dollars and this convinced the client to hire us right away.

How the Process Begins:

The restoration process began by carefully removing the fragile and damaged layer of the slate to reveal the sturdy core.

Next, we performed an acid wash and cleaned the floor using neutral pH solutions. Our experts also use appropriate floor pads at each step. The goal was to restore the slate to its original state and enhance its natural shine.

This project involved a retail store with lots of foot traffic. Replacing the damaged floor would have been costly and taken a long time. However, our skilled floor technicians and lead project manager worked diligently and efficiently. They completed the entire restoration process within just four days.

The end result was truly impressive. The slate floor, once damaged and worn, now looked as good as new. We applied a durable sealer and coating to protect it from future wear and tear. This ensures its longevity even in a demanding commercial setting.

Uncovering Cost-Effective Solution- Slate Floor Restoration

The client was happy with the results and thankful for saving a lot of money. He was also glad that he didn't have to close his business for a long period of time because of the replacement of the floor. Our cost-effective slate floor restoration provided a great alternative to replacement. This allows the client to maintain the charm and elegance of their establishment without unnecessary expenses.

Before considering costly replacements, it is wise to consult our natural stone care specialists. We carefully assess the condition of the slate floor and provide expert recommendations tailored to bring back its natural beauty within your budget.

If you have a slate floor in need of restoration or any other natural stone care services, schedule a free consultation by calling 866-686-1637. Our dedicated team is here to offer effective solutions and top-quality services for all your stone care needs.


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