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A Case Study on Outdoor Slate Stone Restoration

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Slate is a popular choice among homeowners and designers. Slate is a natural stone that has a distinct appearance and texture and it can be utilized in a variety of applications such as kitchen and bathroom flooring. Slate stones, much to the surprise of some, function well in outdoor spaces and can give your yard a powerful and distinct look.

Titans Natural Stone Restoration has been offering natural stone care services for more than two decades. The reason why most homeowners contact us is because of our unrivaled quality of natural stone care services at competitive rates.

Let’s take a look at one of our recent works on Outdoor Slate Stone Restoration-

We met a client who was concerned about the deteriorated condition of her outdoor slate stone. The outside weather conditions caused the slate stone to deteriorate and be damaged over time. Without wasting any time, she contacted several contractors to replace the slate stone. However, none of them addressed her concerns. Moreover, they were charging high prices.

When we met our client, we advised against replacement and provided a test spot to show her how well the slate stone looks after Restoration. We explained to our client that the slate stone can be restored to its original luster without costly replacement. After a few days, our client scheduled stone restoration and care without any hesitation.

When we began the restoration process, the first step was to remove the slate's vulnerable chipped sections and pieces. We then used grit floor brushes and pads, as well as the proper cleaning solutions, to finish the job. Our professionals applied a premium sealer color enhancer, which resulted in a lovely clean shining wet finish.

The end result was fantastic. When our client saw the finished product, she was overjoyed. With our excellent restoration treatment, we were able to restore the original sheen of the slate stone. We were able to extend the life of the slate stone at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our client was so pleased that she praised our team profusely and even recommended us to others.

Titans Natural Stone Restoration focuses on the motto- “Restore, Maintain, and Protect”. Take guidance from our natural stone care specialists before you consider an expensive replacement. We'll assess the condition of the natural stone and recommend the best options to bring back its natural shine within your budget.

Call 866-686-1637 to schedule a free consultation or to schedule your stone care services.

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Clint Aligaya
Clint Aligaya
Sep 05, 2022

Thank you for sharing this informative article about natural stone. I hope there are a lot of contractors who could read this and be guided accordingly.

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