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A Case Study On Marble Floor Restorationin Orange County

If you have marble flooring in your house, you already know how stunning they look when they've been cleaned and polished. When it comes to establishing a new home or a commercial structure, the majority of people choose marble flooring. Marble stones are not only long-lasting, but they also have a distinct appeal that can elevate the look of your home or business. You have made an excellent choice if you have chosen marble floors.

Your space must already be spotless and gleaming, with a touch of class. However, if you do not properly clean and maintain the marble floors, your floors will eventually lose their elegance and brilliance. In fact, if you neglect your flooring for too long, your marble floor will lose its shine and will have scratch marks and etches from foot traffic and spills. Marble floors require proper and regular maintenance to maintain their shine. That is why it is highly recommended that you hire professional natural stone care companies to clean and polish your marble floor on a regular basis. Hire a professional for marble floor restoration once every two years depending on the foot traffic and exposure to clean and polish your natural stone floor to avoid the high restoration cost.

Now, Have a Look at Our Project On Marble Floor Restoration in Orange County

Titans Natural Stone Restoration is a family-owned business that focuses on natural stone restoration, polishing, and maintenance. Every member of our team receives rigorous training and brings a lot of knowledge to the table. We strive to give our customers the highest level of satisfaction possible.

We just completed a marble floor restoration project in Orange County. The client had marble floors throughout the main entrance, living room and dining room. They had as well black absolute marble floors and walls in the bathroom and shower that needed to be restored. Over time, the black absolute marble shower walls were damaged by soap and water, and they lost their luster. The marble floors also had many scratch marks from their pets and had lost their shine.

Titans Natural Stone Restoration technicians masked all work areas and restored the marble floor to its pristine gleam through wet sanding and polishing which is part of the restoration process. The black marble walls were restored, polished, and sealed, the etches and water spots on the floor were removed, and the shower floor was regrouted. The shower floors were honed, and the walls were polished to a high shine finish.

The owner was extremely happy with how the floors and walls looked after the restoration and polishing process as they were able to see the uninterrupted reflection of the spotlights and fixtures reflected on their floors and walls. The homeowners expressed their gratitude especially for the Restoration work performed on the black marble walls and floors.


Titans Natural Stone Restoration provides a wide range of services, including marble floor cleaning, polishing, and sealing, travertine floor polishing and sealing, scratch and stain removal, lippage removal, flattening of uneven natural stone surfaces, grout cleaning, crack filling, and more, all at reasonable prices.

Contact Titans Natural Stone Restoration for your stone care needs at 866-686-1637.


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