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A Case Study On Marble Floor Restoration in Hermosa Beach, CA

Most office and residential buildings feature stunning marble floors. However, in order to maintain the original luster and shine of the marble floor, it requires regular and professional maintenance. Due to its simplicity of maintenance, marble is the most straightforward type of flooring to choose. You may have observed how a brand-new marble floor sparkles constantly, but with time, foot traffic, and reduced upkeep, it gradually loses its luster.

Titans Natural stone Restoration is the premier natural stone care service provider in Orange County, CA. We specialize in the restoration and polishing of natural stone floors, walls, and countertops. Schedule a free consultation

to revive and restore your marble and travertine floors’ shine and natural beauty.

Let’s take a Look at Our Recent Project on Marble Floor Restoration in Hermosa Beach, CA

We met a client who had a poorly maintained marble floor in Hermosa Beach, California for over 20 years. The homeowner was frustrated as the more they cleaned, the more their floor and grout lines looked dirtier. The homeowner wasn’t aware that their floor had a thick layer of wax that trapped dirt everytime they mopped or cleaned their floors. The marble floor lost its shine and natural luster. The grout lines were heavily stained and dirty.

Our experts thoroughly examined the marble floor. The floor had been coated with wax after the installation. The coating trapped dust and dirt in the grout lines. Our technicians were required to mask around the baseboards, appliances, and the entire work perimeter. The floor stripper was then applied to remove the coating from the floor.

After successfully stripping the floor, we began the restoration process. The marble floor was scuffed, scratched, and stained. We sanded the floor with different levels of sanding / diamond sanding to remove the etches, stains and minor scratches and prepared the floor for the polishing process. Sanding was performed with water / wet sanding with zero dust.

The marble floor was polished and the grout lines were cleaned. We sealed and buffed the floor to remove any excess sealer and to ensure we deliver a cleaned and restored marble floor with consistent shine. The old dirty, and dull marble floor was once again like a brand new, shiny marble floor with a high gloss and reflection.

The client’s family was impressed and extremely happy. They wholeheartedly thanked our entire team. Our client even recommended us to their next door neighbor.

If you have a dull marble floor or other types of natural stone floors, walls, and countertops and need to restore their natural sheen at a competitive price, call us at (866) 686-1637.

Titans Natural Stone Restoration is always ready to help you. Visit for additional projects and pictures and to get a free estimate!


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