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Yorba Linda marble floor
Restoration Project

Project Details

Location: Yorba Linda | STONE: marble floor 

Our clients were remodeling their home. They had a beautiful marble floor but unfortunately has not been maintained for over 15 years. The marble floor had multiple scratches from their dogs and from the remodeling. The marble floor was dull and bad poor or no reflection.

We explained to the client that the cleaning and polishing will not remove the scratches or stains from the floor and explained the restoration process thoroughly. On their natural stone care service date; We started the restoration process of the floor by wet sanding the marble surface using 200 grit wet then 400 grit to smooth out the floor and remove the scratches, etches and stains. The wet sanding process is dust free.

Then after different levels of wet sanding the natural stone floor,  we polished the marble surface using different grits, polishing powder and suitable floor pads. We cleaned the grout and filled the missing ones after the polishing and rinsing process and delivered a shiny clean and restored floor.

Our clients were happy with the new look of their marble floor and with Titans Natural Stone Restoration lead technicians. 

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