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Redondo Beach
floor restoration

Project Details

Location: redondo Beach | STONE: Crema Marfel & Granite

We met with our valued Client at their main residence in Redondo Beach to evaluate the condition of her Crema Marfel floor and kitchen Black Absolute Granite floors. The Client had a "wiggly" tile by the entrance of their kitchen and was very unhappy about their grout. The Grout was old and had many holes that needed to be filled and / or re-grouted.

The video shows work in progress and before and after pictures of the restored floors. Titans Natural Stone Restoration floor technicians stripped, cleaned, polished, rinsed and sealed the marble floor, polished and buffed their black granite floor, replaced and filled the grout, and fixed the "wiggly" tile after leveling the cement and applying a new quick mix.

WeThe Client was extremely happy with the work performed and assigned us a second property that they own to restore their Travertine shower walls and granite countertops.

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