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Pasadena Travertine Floor Restoration Project

Project Details

Location: Pasadena | STONE: travertine 

Our client had a Floor travertine that has not been maintained for over eight years. The floor was dull and had some stains and minor scratches and holes.

The client initially wanted a satin or semi gloss finish And we suggested a high-gloss finish for her floor.


Our lead technician to assist the owner with her decision provided 2 test areas Where one was a satin finish and the second was a high gloss polished finish.

It is our responsibility to make sure to provide the best natural stone care for our clients and Ensure the full satisfaction from the work to be performed.

The client indeed chose the high reflection polished or glossy finish and she was very content after the restoration and polishing services provided. 

Whether you are looking to have a matte finish or a satin finish or a polished finish we would be glad to assist you with all your natural stone care needs. Call Titans natural stone Restoration at (866) 686-1637 to discuss your natural stone care specific needs and to answer any questions that you may have. You can visit us at to check out our most recent videos and photos for the most updated Restoration and natural stone care projects. 

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