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Century City Travertine Restoration Project

Project Details

Location: Century City | STONE: Travertine

Our Client has a beautiful travertine floor that hasn't been maintained for almost a decade. It had scratches by the patio door, the round table and by the closet area. The floor had stains from their puppy and rust from the table bottom leggings. The floor was also etched in some areas.

After evaluating the condition of the floor and understanding our Client's expectations; we explained thoroughly the restoration process to our valued Client, addressed all her concerns, answered all her questions; we scheduled her travertine floor restoration and polishing services.

We restored her floor over a two days period, sealed it, removed all the etchings and stains, and the Client was extremely happy with Titans Natural Stone Restoration work and the new look of her natural stone floors.

Before & After Gallery

Project Videos

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